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Group Training

Stay committed and build friendships while breaking a sweat.

SKfit knows the power of training in a group environment.

Our group classes incorporate science based programs that help you reach your goals faster at a fraction of the cost and all the benefits of access to a personal trainer. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone muscles, participate in high intensity exercises or improve flexibility, SKfit’s group classes will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Contact one of our locations to see what group classes are available for you.

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise


Break through the workout ruts, our group classes are energetic and motivating that will have you looking forward to your next class.

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise


Come as you are! Our goal is creating an environment where you will flourish and be proud to be a part of our fitness community.

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are group classes held?

Group class schedules will vary based on location. Find your nearest location to find out what classes are available.

Will a nutrition plan be an additional cost?

A basic nutrition plan and food list is only included in our private training packages. Your trainer can give your simple guidance and healthier choice options throughout your sessions at no additional cost to you.

A customized food plan that is tailored to your specific needs requires an additional cost. If interested, you would receive a free nutritional assessment to determine your needs and the total cost would be based off of your needs.

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

No, we offer a science based fitness regiment for each client based on their goals. We will vary your workouts from week to week, check your progress, and continually challenge you to meet your goals!

Can I train if I have/had an injury?

Yes you can! However, we require clients to gain clearance from their physician prior to beginning a fitness journey with us.