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SKfit is dedicated to empowering clients with our unique SMART approach to fitness. We begin with SUSTAINABLE methods, fostering long-term wellness. Progressing to MEASURABLE goals, we ensure visible results. Our plans are ATTAINABLE, thoughtfully customized for each individual. Furthermore, we advocate REALISTIC strategies, seamlessly fitting into your daily routine. Lastly, our TIME-BASED objectives keep you steadily advancing. Join us for a comprehensive fitness journey, where your success is our mission.

Personal Training

We understand that one workout doesn’t suit all. Therefore, when you sign up for private personal training sessions, your trainer will ensure that your workouts are specifically tailored to meet your unique fitness goals. Don’t hesitate, get your free consultation now!

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise

Small Group Classes

Our Small Group Classes provide an energy-filled and judgement-free atmosphere. Meet people who have similar lifestyle goals and needs! We’ll provide accountability support and in a fun environment!

Why SKfit?

At SKfit, our mission is to inspire and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself. We’re committed to providing support and motivation every step of the way.


By offering personalized fitness strategies, our dedicated team works tirelessly to help you unlock your full potential. Furthermore, our approach is tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring that you not only reach but also exceed your personal health and fitness goals.


Having a personal trainer not only increases the effectiveness of your workouts but also keeps you firmly accountable for your health and fitness goals. Whether in One-on-One sessions or group training, maintaining your motivation is our key focus. Consequently, with our guidance, you’ll consistently progress towards achieving your fitness best.


Our role extends beyond gym motivation; we aim to influence your daily lifestyle. Alongside customized nutrition plans and in-house supplements, we ensure your goals are supported both at home and in our studios. Thus, our holistic approach encompasses every aspect of your fitness journey.


Even when your journey with us concludes, we ensure it leaves a lasting, positive impact on your life. As a result, you take away essential tools to sustain your healthy lifestyle. Remember, reaching your goals is just the starting point of a lifelong wellness journey!

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Getting started is easy!

Take the first step towards your fitness journey by sitting down with one of our certified personal trainers for a complimentary consultation today! At SKfit, our award-winning personal training studio, currently thriving in North Carolina and across three locations in New Jersey, are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Excitingly, we’re continuously growing, with more locations set to open soon to bring our unique fitness experience closer to you.

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