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About SKfit

Created with your benefit in mind.

SKfit is a Personalized Private Training Studio helping offering clients private personal training, small group classes, massage and stretch therapy, in house supplements, and more! We do our best to accommodate all clients by staying open through appointments only!

We try to make it as simple and beneficial to our clients by having NO membership fees and NO start up costs!

SKfit is not like your typical corporate gyms where there are many fees to be paid before you get to the service cost. We want all of our clients to succeed and focus on their goals at hand.

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise

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Meet Our Founder

a passionate, devoted, lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise

SKfit was created and is operated by Sly King.

King sought to solve the problem that normal gyms didn’t know they had…a way to maximize the efforts of personal training by creating a non judgmental, accessible, private training space. By eliminating gym fees and charging at price or less than the big guys, King held a higher retention rate on his clients with a full training schedule and results that spoke for themselves. SKfit allows trainers to grow their clientele by providing a space that is always readily available and allowing the trainer to be more client focused and more successful.

Certifications: NASM CPT, FNS, CES, PES

Areas of Expertise: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Athletes, Seniors, General Fitness

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