Between Thanksgiving and New Years there is a popular belief that an average American can gain between 5-10 pounds in weight. While this is not the case, we still want to head into the holidays feeling our best both in body and mind. (A study by the New England Journal of Medicine saw an increase of 0.2% during the Thanksgiving holiday and 0.4% over Christmas), which is why SKfit Personal Training Studios started this yearly challenge.

What is SKfit’s Personal Training Fit to Feast Challenge? 

Each year around October 1st SKfit personal training clients compete across all US SKfit franchise locations and commit to an 8 week “Fit to Feast” challenge. During the 8 weeks each client receives;

  • Personalized nutrition help
  • MyFitnessPal tracking and best practices
  • SKfit recipe book
  • 16 individual tailored personal training sessions
  • 8 small group classes 

All designed to ensure the clients meet their fitness goals.

Right now we are halfway through the challenge and Pasquale La Torre, owner of SKfit Whippany, New Jersey says  “The focus is making sure the clients stay energized to keep going at this halfway point. It is vital that our personal trainers ensure the workouts peak, the diet plans are on point and are tailored towards each client’s goals”.


personal training toning session

Personal Training Session SKfit Whippany

Leanne and James are married; they committed to the last fit to feast challenge and saw outstanding results. Leanne’s main goal was to get her weight below 130 pounds and her fat percentage reduced by 3%. Hear how she believes they smashed their fitness goals and saw great results. 

“Fit to feast was a game changer for us, our PT (personal trainer) not only got us super fit and toned he taught us that our diet was all about the macros. 40% Protein, 40% Carbohydrate and 20% Fat, as long as we stuck to this macro ratio and our daily calorie intake we had the freedom to eat most of the foods we enjoy.” 

Weight (lbs) Lost 14.1 lbs
Body Fat (%) Reduced by 4.2%
Chest (Inches) Reduced by 2.75 inches
Waist (Inches) Reduced by 2.75  inch


James believes if you “Commit to the plan, work hard with your trainer and monitor what’s going into your body every day you’ll love the results. Game changer!” 

His results also speak volume…

Weight (lbs) Lost 22.9 lbs
Body Fat (%) Reduced by 6.6%
Chest (Inches) Reduced by 4 inches
Waist (Inches) Reduced by 1 inch


What is a Macro Diet? 

It’s the diet for fat loss and losing weight, it provides a balance of protein and carbohydrates with the minimum amount of fat (we do not suggest doing less than 20% fat) and you should always consult a dietician to understand your macro ratio. Once you understand your daily calorie intake and your macro ratio you can then track your food and your macros using MyFitnessPal. Alongside a great personal training fitness regime or challenge you will see great results just like Leanne and James. 

This not only a challenge for the fit to feast attendees, Sly King, SKfit Franchise Owner & Founder, enjoys this time of year too. “It’s great to see each franchisee, in good sport, competing to put their franchise location on the map as the winner, so they can hold the accomplishment for that year. Seeing the personal trainers and the clientele succeeding, meeting their goals as they share results week by week is nerve-racking for all franchisees. It’s all about losing the MOST amount of inches, pounds, and body fat percentage across the board”. 


Are you thinking about getting fit and feeling fabulous for the holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or a summer vacation? Get a head start today! Contact your local SKfit to schedule a free no-commitment personal training consultation.


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