Personal Trainer Bridal Bootcamp: I’m Not Quitting Till My Final Fitting


Fitness, diet and physical health are at the forefront of many minds, no matter what our age. It’s like we have reverted back to the old days where organic milk and produce are delivered to your doorstep, or we visit locally grown food markets. This health movement has affected other industries, especially the bridal world. Obviously all brides and grooms are loved just for being who they are and how they are, but there are some out there who want to fit in that perfect dress or suit. A requirement to slim down, tone-up, de-stress and feel fabulous on their big day is essential, a personal trainer bridal bootcamp can most certainly help! 

Bianca Duffy and her fiancé Kevin (now husband), SKfit’s private personal training clients wanted to do exactly that, and to top it off – Bianca’s bridal party of five insisted on supporting her through the customized exercise program and diet plan. SKfit Whippany was recommended to Bianca by her sister-in-law to get in shape at the wedding, they were hesitant at first to pay for a personal trainer because they consider themselves to be fit people.

Pasquale quickly changed their minds…

“Pasquale is amazing! Seeing the customization Pasquale was able to make in every session for Kevin and I, and the injury accommodations from our past, really showed us he knew the art of personal training, and was worth every dollar. He would even send us some at-home workouts that didn’t require machines, and put us in touch with a nutritionist, to truly set us up to be our best for the big day and on.”

Pasquale LaTorre, SKfit Whippany owner and personal trainer created a goal based fitness plan to get Bianca and Kevin along with her wedding party down the aisle. The bridal bootcamps start with a complete fitness assessment and nutrition consultation. A group does not always have the same fitness abilities and dietary needs so they tailor the personal training, diet plans and group session workouts to ensure no injuries or strains occur during workout sessions. 

After Bianca told some of the bridesmaids about the personal trainer bridal bootcamp a few more of the bridal group wanted to check it out too.

“What started out as 2-3 girls coming, ended up being 6+ girls driving 30-60 minutes on Sunday mornings for a 45 minute session with him (Pasquale).”

What fitness goals did the bridal group have?

Collectively the bridal group wanted to look fabulous in their dresses to look great in their photos. Therefore the goals focused on the following over three months:

  1. Weight loss 
  2. Tone, sculpt and strengthen 
  3. Cleaner diet so we glow inside and out

What types of personal training did you conduct to meet their goals? 

The workouts are a blend of HIIT training with weights and cardio. Focusing on heart rating raising, fat burning sweaty workout regimens such as:

  • AMRAPS which means “as many reps (or rounds) as possible.” 3-5 exercises that make the girls burn the most calories. Examples would be 5 burpees into 10 dumbbell squat and press, followed by 20 mountain climbers and then repeat
  • EMOM’s meaning “every minute on the minute” 3 exercises to be completed in a minute. If they finish all three exercises within 30 seconds they have the remaining 30 seconds to rest until the top of the minute comes again and repeat.
  • And Pasquales own version of a Tabata Workout called Pasquale-bata.
    A regular tabata is usually one exercise where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 and repeat that 8 times. My version is doing 3 exercises, 45 seconds each with a 15 second rest and repeat that 3 times. Example exercises include: rope slams, dumbbell renegade rows and bicycles

“Pasquale’s personal trainer bridal bootcamp at SKFit was just what we needed. It’s a great way to bond and sweat together. He tailors the workouts toward everyone’s abilities and actually makes us look forward to going. Highly recommend!”
Corey Watson

Bianca saw great results, the personal training and small group classes kept her focused on her goals, motivated and she finished strong. 



“I am so thankful for everything Pasquale did to give me, and my now husband Kevin, and my bridesmaids, the amazing personalized fitness experience that he did. Even now after the wedding, we still plan to continue coming to him to keep us accountable, to be the healthy and fit people we know we can be. Thank you Pasquale!”
Bianca Duffy


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