A community focused SMART
& private personal
training gym.

The SMART goal approach is not only used to ensure SKFit clients have sustainable fitness, but our franchisees have a strong and viable business model. SKFit franchisees are provided with the tools, support, and resources to help ensure success.

The SKFit personal trainer gym concept is affordable, creates connections, opportunities, challenges and provides private space for SMART fitness in local communities.

Contact our franchise development team to find out more. Also see why you should invest and how much is costs to open a gym franchise below.

Why Invest in a SKFit Personal Training Gym Franchise?

SKFit is a neighborhood gym that has no monthly membership fees and focuses heavily on creating a comfortable environment for clients to improve their health and fitness.

We believe in a SMART approach – sustainable, measurable goals that can be attained in a realistic time for both our clients and franchisees. This formula builds strong and healthy community relationships both inside and out of the gym.

SKFit’s accessible, personal, non-judgmental private fitness concept attracts loyal clients and trainers. Thanks to the flexible, low rent, low startup costs and no employee business model, owners enjoy recurring revenue.

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What we are looking for in a Franchise Partner

We are looking for franchise partners who not only love the brand but are:

  • Entrepreneurial minded
  • Motivated by success and results
  • Passionate about leading a team of trainers
  • Advocates of health and fitness
  • Dedicated to helping others
SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise


Starting costs anywhere between $36,900 to $129,300

SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise


Small foot print 700-1000 sqft


All trainers work as 1099 contractors

How Much Does It Cost?

The investment pricing brackets below are dependent on the size and location of the gym.

Franchise Fee $10,000 to $29,000

Cost to Equip and Up-Fit the Fitness Center Approximately
$26,900 to $100,300*

Operating Capital $3,000 to $14,000

Approximate Cost Range $36,900 to $129,300

Our Step by Step On-boarding Process

1. Request for Information – Contact Us
Complete the contact us form below to learn more about the SK Fits SMART personal training gym franchise and to speak to a member of the SKFit team.

2. Speak with A SKFit Team Member
After we receive your information, we will follow up by email to schedule a time to speak, the call is for both parties to conduct due diligence and determine if to move forward.

3. SKFit Gym Franchise Pack
Should both parties wish to move forward, SKFit’s ends out a franchise pack which includes the following documents.

Application, Confidential Questionnaire (CQR) – A questionnaire about yourself, including financial disclosure.

Franchise (Federal) Disclose Document (FDD) – This document details all information related to the franchise offering and SKFit– the company, history, principle team, franchise performance, initial fees, estimated costs, legalities and the terms of the contract, franchise agreement.

4. Return Application to SKFit Corporate
The application questionnaire needs to be completed fully and the last page of the FDD signed to confirm receipt. Then return the completed documents to SKFit Corporate 2935 Lincoln Ave, San Diego, 92104.

5. Discovery Day (Optional)
Should you wish to conduct further discovery we will set up a Discovery Day at a SKFit Gym so you can meet other franchisees, the SKFit team and have access to our attorney and accountants

6. Receive & Review the Franchise Documents
After the CQR and FDD are submitted, we will fully review the application to ensure you are legally and financially able to open a gym franchise.

7. Follow Up Call
If your application is approved, you will receive a call from Sly King (Founder) or Robert Morgan (President). A 14-day waiting period is legally required, this starts from the FDD issue date found on the receipt page. After that period, we execute documents and you pay the initial invoice (franchise fees). See gym franchise costs.

8. You Are Now A SKFit Gym Franchise Owner
Welcome to the team!

How We Support

  • Market and competitor analysis in your location
  • Site selection assistance
  • Plug-in model for all equipment needs
  • Conceptual layout
  • Ongoing training and education for franchisees
  • Access to marketing for local marketing strategies (including social media) to acquire new clients
  • Trainer recruitment
  • Online SKFit brand merchandise portal
  • Consultation visits


SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise

Financing & Veterans/First Responders Programs Available! Contact us to see if you qualify.

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