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Embark on your fitness journey with our personalized programs.*

Our personal training sessions are tailored towards our client’s needs based on their fitness goals.


Sessions Length# of Sessions & Cost
45 Mins10 Sessions $550

15 Sessions $780

20 Sessions $980

Take advantage of having a personal trainer at an affordable price.

Boost the effectiveness of your workout by training in a group environment. Our bootcamp provides and energy-filled atmosphere, a sense of community, and accountability!


  • 10x Monthly – $59.99
  • Unlimited – $69.99


  • 10x Monthly – $69.99
  • Unlimited – $79.99

**start times, and days available subject to change. Contact Us for an up to date schedule.

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See What Our Client’s Say About SKfit Whippany

  • This is the best work out you will ever have. Always different, fun and challenging. Classes are accomodating to all fitness levels, but regardless of your level - you will sweat. Pasquale has a special talent for knowing just how far he can push someone so you go past your comfort zone and surpass your goals.

    Laura J.
  • I've been going to Pasquale's bootcamp classes for a year and a half now and he is literally the best!!! Trainings are different every day so keeps it interesting and includes a variety of exercises which makes you want to come back! His classes are also fun, music is great and the most important thing is that he always cares about your form so you get the best workout without injuries, he also motivates you and push you to your limits! After his class I always get this feeling of " that was a good workout" Not to mention...I compared prices in the area and this place beats all others.

    Lily B.
  • Love this place and the workouts that Pasquale creates. Every day here is a day full of hard work and he's always changing up the workouts to keep it fun. If you are interested in classes, then boot camp is the way to go, 45 minutes of intense training. If you are more a one on one type he's great for personal training and will always push your limits. I have personal trained and done classes with Pasquale for over 5 years I'm in the best shape because of him!

    Jamie M.

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SKfit Studios - Private Personal Training Gym Franchise

The Whippany studio accommodates large group training sessions, perfect for couples or friends working together achieve fitness goals as well as private training sessions depending on your specific needs. Stop by to speak with a trainer directly and set up a free consultation, or fill out the form below for more information.

Hours are by appointment only. Except group classes.